September 9-12, 2021


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For Off Paradise’s Independent debut, the gallery will show new and previously unseen work by Scott Covert, Maximilian Schubert and Mitchell Charbonneau.

The exhibition will explore definitions of the body, primarily in its absence.

For more than three decades, Scott Covert has made deeply personal vanitas-memento-mori paintings and drawings based on direct rubbings of gravestones, carried out in cemeteries that he frequents across the United States and around the world, a process that he likens to devotional printmaking.

Maximilian Schubert’s Untitled (fracture) works are duplicitous in their nature and contradictory in their intent. His largest pieces to date, these appear to be monumental paintings composed of large swaths of linen, casually stretched. Upon closer inspection, they reveal themselves to be sculptures: polyurethane casts of stretched linen that have been broken and reconstructed, evoking an unseen hand and the vagaries of time.

Mitchell Charbonneau’s new work, Senseless, continues his sculptural exploration of utilitarian products such as chairs, stepladders and shelving; objects that can be expanded and collapsed as a function of their design. Every element of the precariously intertwined chairs in this new series has been meticulously sculpted in hard resins and painted after the factory-made original, creating a distorted matrix of geometries suggesting violence but also resilience.

Off Paradise at the Independent Art Fair, September 9-12, 2021. Photograph by Guillaume Ziccarelli.